Ensure efficient, cost-saving, safe driving

Powerful, effective driver evaluation, comparison and improvement capabilities

With Trendfire Truck Telematics, fleet and operations managers now have the ability to evaluate drivers accurately and fairly, improving their performance and driving skills in a targeted manner. Trendfire’s driver evaluation component provides all the necessary data for this purpose. Our patent pending solution captures, correlates, and analyzes driving behavior information, even taking into account the difficulty profiles of the routes travelled. It allows you to make an accurate and fair assessment based on tangible data, independent of vehicle or the type of job. Increase your drivers’ proficiency, reduce costs, and increase safety with Trendfire’s driver evaluation solution.

Reduce costs with driver evaluations

“High diesel consumption equals a bad driver”, as the saying goes. With Trendfire’s driver evaluation, this no longer needs to be the case. The driver evaluation capability in our web-based back office solution provides you with a quick overview of the driving styles of your drivers, taking into account the routes traveled. The individual parameters of the driver evaluation can be prioritized by you and reviewed at any time. This information forms the basis for accurate skills assessment and effective training for your drivers. It enables you to improve the profitability of your fleet over the long term, reducing fuel consumption, CO2 emissions, wear on brakes and tires, and fines.

Reduce operational costs

  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Lower wear and tear on brakes and tires
  • Less overall vehicle wear
  • Reduced maintenance and repair costs

Accurate and fair

Whether your fleet consists of vehicles from different manufacturers or your drivers travel along different local and long-haul routes, you will always receive a fair, accurate and comparable evaluation for all drivers.

Using our solution, the separate assessment of job difficulty and driving style allows you to compare the overall rating across all vehicle categories and routes. Our technology adjusts its ratings based on a wide range of parameters, producing reports that provide a fair basis for driver comparison. What you get is a standardized evaluation that drivers understand and respect. It can even be used as the basis for a performance-based incentive system.

Easy for both management and drivers to understand

During the development phase we worked closely with driving instructors and customers to determine and refine relevant parameters. The result was a system from the real world, for the real world. All parameters can be viewed via the web interface and are explained in detail. Your drivers can also view their evaluation on their phone or tablet while on the go, understand what it means, and adjust their driving style accordingly. The detailed evaluations in the web-based back office solution also provide management with a good overview and comparison of the driving styles of each of their drivers.

As unique as your company

Our solution is suitable for any size fleet, and for any mix of equipment, regardless of the industry you are in. Trendfire provides you maximum flexibility and a wide range of powerful, unique features.

Because no two companies are alike, you can tailor the parameters used to assess driving style, and their priorities, to your company’s specific needs. This allows you to emphasize items of particular importance or concern to you, and to drive improvements in a targeted manner.

Long-term savings

The optimization of costs for your fleet must be based on facts, not conjecture. Trendfire’s driver assessment solution shows you reality, not speculation. You no longer have to rely on gut instinct and guesswork to help you determine the effectiveness of short- and long-term cost reductions. You now have hard data at your fingertips.

The driver evaluation is the perfect basis for targeted training and instructional courses. One-time training events are often quickly forgotten. With Trendfire’s mobile telematics app, the driver evaluation can be accessed over time, at any time, giving it a constant, reinforcing presence. Theoretical knowledge can be compared directly with real-world situations, allowing drivers to implement what they have learned. This automatically leads to healthy competition between drivers. Experience has shown that the evaluation motivates drivers and leads to lower diesel consumption and improved driving after just a few weeks, resulting in significant cost savings.