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driving the trend in mobility

Our Mission

Telematics, perfected — That is our mission and our promise. We demonstrate our commitment to this promise each and every day. Customer satisfaction, based on customer-fueled innovation, is the key to our success. Every member of the Trendfire team does his or her utmost to ensure the best service and high value products for our customers.


At Trendfire integrity, fairness, trust and respect have formed our core value set from the beginning. We believe that open and honest communication with our clients, suppliers, and each other is essential to long term success for all. These shared values, combined with our commitment to customer-fueled innovation, have made Trendfire a valued partner for customers and suppliers alike.

driving the trend in mobility

At Trendfire Technologies, Inc. we are committed to delivering to our customers the keys to their success: business oriented, innovative, full functionality, high quality products and solutions. Perfection in Telematics is our guiding principle. We work towards it every single day. Each team member is committed to providing customer-valued service and products.

We are specialists in the development of mobile solutions. We are enthusiastic about new technology because it constantly results in new ideas that spur us on. Working with our customers, we strive to remain one step ahead of their needs at all times.


Trendfire Technologies GmbH was founded in 2003 by experienced hardware and software engineers who had been working together creating and producing successful technology-based solutions for more than 20 years. All products, for both the American and European markets, are developed and manufactured in-house. This guarantees the highest quality and reliability.

The management team of Trendfire Technologies, possesses extensive business experience in the large corporate, small business, and startup arenas, both globally and domestically. This has led to a shared understanding of the importance of customer satisfaction and of leading, high quality technical products to the creation of long term value and business success.