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LKW GPS Telematik

Trendfire Truck Telematics

Vehicle location and performance monitoring in real time

Need to know where your trucks and cargo are? With our reliable telematics system you always know the current location of your vehicles. You can track the position of individual vehicles, or see your entire fleet on an overview map. Your fleet is always connected to the control center via GPS vehicle positioning. Your fleet is directly connected to the office at all times via GPS vehicle location.

How does GPS positioning work in Trendfire Truck Telematics?

All you need to use GPS tracking is a Trendfire telematics unit for the tractor. We use the Global Positioning System (GPS) to track your vehicle’s location. The GPS receiver lets you determine its position and speed at any time, wherever it may be. For precise positioning, the GPS receiver uses the position and time data broadcast by at least three GPS satellites. The information received is transferred directly to the data center by our telematics unit and is made available to you through our web-based back office solution. This allows you to track and determine the exact position of your vehicles continuously, at all times.


In addition to determining vehicle location, the positioning data allows us to enable numerous other valuable features. Using the information collected you can know a job’s duration and route, track workflows, breaks, and addresses driven to, and facilitate future planning and fleet management. . With our web-based back office solution you are able to maintain an overview of your vehicles and to access all important vehicle data at all times.

Geofencing with alarms

Geofencing and area monitoring add powerful capabilities to the basic GPS positioning features. With geofencing you no longer have to constantly access the current position of your vehicles — Trendfire Truck Telematics allows you to specify areas of interest, notifying you as soon as a vehicle leaves or enters those areas. One example: You can have the system notify you if a vehicle leaves your company’s premises without authorization at night. Another example: The system can automatically inform your clients of the arrival, or impending arrival, of a vehicle at a loading or unloading point.

Route tracing and tracking

With route tracing you can view and record all progress along a route. Our GPS positioning records all of your fleet’s movements, allowing you to review and analyze the routes covered along with the locations of all stops at any point in time.

Advantages of GPS positioning with Trendfire Truck Telematics

  • High-quality and manufacturer-independent telematics units — designed and manufactured in Germany
  • Web-based back office solution for quick access
  • Trendfire’s own data center – providing the highest security for your data
  • Google Maps map data and satellite images
  • Positioning with route progress for better fleet management and planning
  • Generation of time and route reports
  • Automated expense reporting

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