Keep an eye on your fleet – anywhere, anytime

Telematics technology has become an indispensable tool for any trucking company seeking profitable revenue growth.
That is why we have made it our mission to develop a telematics system that best facilitates your day-to-day operations, making a significant contribution to your business success.

Our telematics solution provides a full range of integrated functions to meet all your needs. We offer you excellent quality, the highest reliability, along with ease of operation - all at an exceedingly reasonable price. To achieve this, Trendfire’s engineering team develops all hardware and software products for our telematics system in-house at our R&D facilities in Böblingen, Germany. We follow up on our commitment to reliable, high quality products by also manufacturing all of our hardware devices in Germany.

"Driving the trend in mobility" is more than just a catchphrase to us - we dedicate ourselves to being the trendsetter in the telematics industry. We are committed to enabling you to improve your business results while gaining a competitive edge through the application of our latest innovations.

Working closely with our clients, we are constantly integrating new, customer-inspired innovations into our telematics solution. This allows us to provide a complete, manufacturer-independent solution developed and maintained in-house that gives you what you need to know, when and where you need to know it. Trendfire offers you a fully integrated, feature-rich telematics solution built to the highest standards of quality and reliability.

Versatile truck telematics

  • Vehicle location monitoring and GPS positioning in real-time
  • Route tracking with geofencing
  • Driver evaluation and skills improvement
  • Fleet management
  • Easy route planning with arrival time monitoring
  • Truck navigation
  • Tracking of tank fill level and fuel consumption
  • Communication with driver (text, images, PDF, route)
  • Monitoring and logging of driving, rest, and work times
  • Read-out of data on driver card and mass storage
  • Monitoring of refrigeration chain
  • Automated expense reports
  • Forms, checklists, pre-departure checks
  • Independent of vehicle manufacturer
  • Fleet management interface (FMS) evaluation
  • Monitoring of auxiliary drives
  • Data export to allow your own ad hoc analysis

Truck telematics for your entire fleet

Trendfire's complete package consists of the four components roadloxTRUCK for trucks, roadloxTRAILER for the unit being hauled, the web-based back office solution roadlox, as well as the telematics app roadloxDRIVER for tablet PCs and smartphones. Where necessary, barcode scanners and/or ruggedized data terminals can also be utilized.

GPS positioning — Without the headache

Our positioning solution is leading edge, robust, reliable, fail-safe, and manufacturer-independent. The know-how of our engineers gives our clients a technological edge — at reasonable prices and without hidden costs. We operate our own data centers to provide maximum security for your data.

Customer-oriented Service

All modules and components are designed and implemented within a customer-oriented service and training framework. We are ready to assist you with the installation of our telematics units and help you solve any issues either via remote assistance or on-site. The same applies to the integration and configuration of interfaces for all popular transportation management systems. We provide proven interfaces which are included as part of our complete solution at no extra cost.