Get more done at lower cost – increase revenue and profit

Fully integrated fleet management solutions

Keep an eye on your fleet – anywhere, anytime

Vehicle location and performance monitoring in real time

Trendfire ELD+

Stay on top of hours of service – Simple, automated, accurate

Powerful, effective driver evaluation

Ensure efficient, cost-saving and safe driving

Small and sturdy GPS positioning

for light vehicles, trailer, passenger cars or others

Connects the street and the office

Powerful mobile telematics app for both drivers and business managers

At Trendfire Technologies our focus is on working with our customers to bring them the solutions that their businesses require. Our telematics system for the trucking industry provides a comprehensive set of options for the efficient, profitable management of your entire fleet, independent of vehicle manufacturer. Whether it’s long haul or local routes, our telematics system can be tailored to suit your specific needs.

Vehicle location monitoring, real-time driving monitoring, driver performance analysis, route planning, expense reporting, and message transmission, along with real-time remote downloads, are only a few of its many features. The individual components complement each other perfectly — one integrated system from a single source that lets you monitor all of your vehicles along with the performance of your drivers.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss with you the wide range of applications for our telematics systems within your business, and the significant benefits you can gain.