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Telematics technology has become an indispensable tool for any trucking company seeking profitable revenue growth. That is why we have made it our mission to develop a telematics solution that best facilitates your day-to-day operations, making a significant contribution to your business success.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss with you the wide range of applications for our telematics systems within your business, and the significant benefits you can gain.
Complete Solution from one single source
  • Vehicle location monitoring and GPS positioning in real-time
  • Route tracking with geofencing
  • Driver evaluation and skills improvement
  • Fleet management
  • Easy route planning with arrival time monitoring
  • Truck navigation
  • Tracking of tank fill level and fuel consumption
  • Communication with drivers (text, images, PDF)
  • Monitoring and logging of driving, rest, and work times
  • Automated expense reports
  • Forms, checklists, pre-departure checks
  • Independent of vehicle manufacturer
  • Vehicle interface evaluation, CAN interfaces (J1708/1939)
  • Monitoring of auxiliary drives
  • Data export to allow your own analyses
Trendfire Telematics

The complete solution for your fleet

At Trendfire Technologies our focus is on working with our customers to bring them the solutions that their businesses require. Our telematics systemfor the trucking industry provides a comprehensive set of options for the efficient, profitable management of your entire fleet, independent of vehicle manufacturer. Whether it’s long haul or local routes, our telematics system can be tailored to suit your specific needs.

Vehicle location monitoring, real-time driving monitoring, driver performance analysis, route planning, expense reporting, and message transmission, along with real-time remote downloads, are only a few of its many features. The individual components complement each other perfectly — one integrated system from a single source that lets you monitor all of your vehicles along with the performance of your drivers.

Trendfire Telematics: Sytem for Truck, Trailer and more

Our telematics solution provides a full range of integrated functions to meet all your needs. We offer you excellent quality, the highest reliability, along with ease of operation – all at an exceedingly reasonable price. To achieve this, Trendfire’s engineering team designs and develops all hardware and software products in-house at our R&D facilities in Böblingen, Germany. We follow up on our commitment to reliable, high quality products by manufacturing all of our hardware devices in Germany.

Working closely with our clients, we are constantly integrating new, customer-inspired innovations into our telematics system. This allows us to provide a complete, single source solution that gives you what you need to know, when and where you need to know it, regardless of the manufacturers of your fleet’s vehicles. Trendfire offers you a fully integrated, feature-rich telematics solution built to the highest standards of quality and reliability.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss with you the wide range of applications for our telematics systems within your business, and the significant benefits you can gain.
Complete Solution from one single source

Perfection – Made in Germany; as a Telematics Manufactory that is what we stand for. We are the only German supplier who develops all hardware and software components with our own engineers at our site in Boeblingen and our entire product family is manufactured in Southern Germany.

As a telematics manufacturer we offer a complete telematics solution from one source. Lean manufacturing of our product family spans from development and production of the highly complex telematics units to the operation of our data processing center to the supply of vehicle specific cable sets for an efficient and straitforward fitting.

We successfully develop telematics systems vendor-independent for more than 13 years. Our goal was right from the start to offer you the best possible quality of our own hardware and software. The close collaboration with customers and authenticity has always allowed us to be a truck telematics pioneer.

Trendfire Technologies

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