Trendfire telematics mobile app

– Connects the street and the office

The telematics mobile app serves as a line of communication between your control center and drivers. Developed specifically for the logistics sector, the app turns commercially available smartphones and tablets into a professional tool for daily use. It is configurable, allowing you to determine which features are to be displayed to the driver.

Optimized order management

The telematics mobile app is the key to continuous order management between the dispatch software and the driver. Thanks to the embedded order management system, you can monitor the order status in real time. With the telematics app, your driver can log packages and other cargo that are loaded or unloaded, can take photos of damaged cargo, and is able to have the procedure acknowledged by the client with a digital signature. This ensures that you have uninterrupted order documentation. Upon request, the system can also be combined with barcode scanners. For effortless integration into your transportation management system, Trendfire supplies proven interfaces for all popular providers.

The telematics app, your direct line to the driver

With our telematics app you can share messages, documents, and images with your drivers in the blink of an eye. The seamless integration of the app into the overall solution allows your dispatcher to send messages directly from our web-based back office solution. Messages can be sent either to individual drivers, vehicles, or to groups. Routes and navigation points can also be sent as messages.

Optimized route planning

With our easy route planning system, you can create optimized routes quickly and easily, taking into account routing, driving times, rest times, and tolls. The route, stops, and the toll roads can all be viewed at a glance, making it significantly easier to calculate the economic efficiency of a particular option. Defined routes can be sent to the corresponding driver with a single click. As you’d expect, routes can also be imported from your existing dispatch software.

Driving time – Working hours – Minimum wage

With roadloxDRIVER, Trendfire provides you with the perfect tool for logging working hours accurate to the minute. Driving and rest times are automatically recorded in the system. This information is displayed together with the residual driving time in the web-based back office solution and in the driver’s telematics app. You and your driver will be notified of any imminent violations. This allows you to keep an eye on your drivers’ current driving times and working hours, thereby avoiding unnecessary fines.

Flexible forms

With the mobile app, you can fill out flexible forms for vacation applications, accident reports, checklists, and pre-departure checks in a few short steps. Once they are filled out by the driver, they will show up immediately in the web-based back office solution, and can be exported as Excel documents where necessary.

Transparent driver evaluation

Trendfire Truck Telematics shows you detailed data on your drivers’ driving styles. If you wish to allow it, our app allows each driver to monitor his performance. We created this innovative, highly effective solution by working together with clients, drivers, and driving instructors. For the first time, the difficulty of the job is automatically taken into account independent of vehicle type. A significant number of parameters, captured by our hardware and software, is used in the calculations that form the basis of the evaluation. This allows you to improve driving style in a targeted manner, reduce fuel consumption, lower maintenance costs and, if you wish, implement a transparent, performance-based comparison and compensation system.

Groundbreaking and constructive navigation

The telematics mobile app provides your driver with a professional truck navigation system in which you can configure truck-specific parameters. Choose the provider of your navigation software yourself, and optimize your routes with the help of Trendfire.

Integrated document management

The integrated document management system allows you to optimize access to manuals, vehicle registration papers, work instructions, cleaning plans, and certificates. Access takes place directly via a smartphone or tablet. You save a great deal of paper, improve accuracy, and ensure that your drivers always have the latest documents with them.