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Telematics App

Communication, Orders and tours, Driving style analysis, flexible forms, toll costs,

The telematics app, your direct line to the driver

With the practice-oriented telematics mobile app, you can integrate your drivers seamlessly into the digitalised processes in your company. Benefit from simplified communication and digital processes in order management.

In just a few steps you can turn a standard consumer smartphone or tablet into a professional tool for daily use. To prevent private use you can specifically block and approve access to certain apps.

Whit the introduction of Trendfire telematics we have speeded up our workflows noticeably. By transmitting the tours to the drivers in real time, scanning the delivery documents in the vehicle and optimizing communication with the drivers, we have taken a big step forward in digitalization.

logistik 4.0 digitalisierung spedition

Dirk Blechinger, Head of Dispatching



Fast, unmistakable communication between your dispatchers and drivers is a key prerequisite for smooth running of your transport orders. Easily exchange messages, routs, orders, images and documents with your drivers.

Toll costs

The Trendfire telematics app brings the current toll fee back into the vehicle. Now that the toll amount has no longer been displayed on the on-board unit, the driver is again informed about the toll fees for driven routes in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Flexible forms

Recurring information such as daily departure checks or damage reports can be captured by the driver using flexible forms. These can be configured individually for your requirements. Beispielsweise für Abfahrtskontrollen, Schadensmeldungen oder andere Checklisten.

Driving style analysis

Driver evaluations are also integrated into the telematics app and is available to the drivers. Your drivers can see and track their own driving style and optimise their driving behaviour continuously and sustainably.

Orders and tours

The order management offers your drivers a quick overview of all loading points, address, number of packages, loading materials and delivery notes. Orders can be processed paperless and fully documented. Stellen Sie Touren bequem mit unserer Tourenplanung zusammen oder übertragen Sie die informationen aus Ihrem TMS über unsere Schnitstellen direkt an die Fahrer.

Driving and rest times

Roadlox shows you exactly how long your driver has been driving per day and how much remaining driving time is available for the next tour. The beginning and end of work is automatically recorded by the digital tachograph or the telematics mobile app. The evaluation takes into account the legal driving and rest times including double weeks and minute rules as well as the Working Hours Act. (Arbeitszeitgesetz). Drivers can record working hours with the mobile app

Document management system

Document management system for work instructions, vehicle manuals etc. Der Zugriff erfolgt direkt über das Smartphone oder Tablet. Auf diese Weise sparen Sie eine Menge Papier und Ihre Fahrer haben immer die aktuellsten Dokumente dabei.


Erweitern Sie die Telematik-App mit einer professionellen LKW Navigation, in der Sie LKW spezifische Parameter hinterlegen können. Für eine schnelle und fehlerfreie Bedienung sind unser Nachrichten- und Tourenmodul nahtlos mit der LKW Navigation verknüpft.

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