Integration of your tachograph data
Conveniently and fully automatically

Tacho Fahrerkarte Massenspeicher auslesen

Are you still accessing the vehicle data and the driver cards for your fleet manually? Let roadloxTRUCK take care of it for you. The reading out of the driver card and the digital tachograph takes place reliably and entirely automatically. Retire your download key and simplify the process of reading out the driver card, the mass storage device, and the trip recorder.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Remote readout of digital tachograph data
  • Fully integrated amd automatic reading out of driver card
  • Wireless transfer over the cellular network
  • Monitors alarms in case of violations accompanied by a warning letter
  • Configurable download intervals
  • No unnecessary returns for tacho read-outs
  • Automatic transfer of .ddd data to your archival solution
  • Compliance with tacho regulations (Regulation (EC) 561/2006)

Read out driver cards – easily, quickly, and reliably

The time-consuming manual work required for reading out the vehicle data from your fleet is now a thing of the past. roadloxTRUCK takes over by reading out the driver card and digital tachograph data in a fully automated manner. The resulting .ddd data is transferred to your existing archival solution. roadlox offers you a tailor-made solution which fits seamlessly into your existing infrastructure.

Always at the right time

According to the law, companies must read out the digital tachograph data at least once every 92 days, and the driver card data every 28 days at the very latest. Thanks to the automated download of the vehicle data, you will have no problem meeting the legal deadlines and requirements. The data is accessed on time at intervals you define, transferred via the cellular network, and archived. This means that you no longer have to perform the downloads manually on weekends when all vehicles are parked on the lot. This not only saves money, but also a lot of time and frayed nerves.

Clear and precise

At all times, clear status reports show you when the download last took place. In this way, you minimize any possible sources of error and easily meet all deadlines. And the company card remains exactly where it should be – in your company.

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