Small and sturdy for light vehicles, trailer, cars or others


The trendbeeBASIC GPS tracker is small, discreet, robust and easy to install. Our smallest telematics unit can be used wherever you have a need for reliable GPS tracking, whether for vans, cars, special vehicles or machines. Thanks to the builtin battery, you can track your vehicles even when they are parked.

Self-sufficient GPS-tracker

The telematics unit offers proven Trendfire technology in the smallest space (90 x 90 x 25mm). The built-in rechargeable battery makes the GPS-tracker even more flexible and it can send the position without an external power supply for up to three weeks.

Vehicle positioning– perfectly integrated

You can view the position of your vehicles on an overview map in the online portal. The position data is reliably transmitted via the mobile network and temporarily stored in phases without mobile connection. . .

Fast installation

Thanks to the internal antenna, the installation is quite easy. The GPS-tracker only needs to be supplied with power.

The rugged design (IP 68) protects the device against water and dust. This makes the solution perfect for tough outdoor use and hidden installation on the vehicle.

Trendfire Technologies

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