Independent Trailer-Telematics

– Location monitoring and trailer data

The trailer positioning system roadloxTRAILER is based on our proprietary robust hardware telematics unit trendbeeTrailer. It allows you to reliably receive all data from your trailers, independent of the truck. With it, your fleet management is complete.

Integrated semitrailer telematics

Expansion of truck telematics

  • Recognition of trailers with RFID NEW!
  • Assignment to the tractor

With additional trailer telematics

  • GPS tracking
  • Data collection independent of the truck
  • Better control maintenance intervals
  • Transmission of all relevant EBS trailer data
  • Monitoring the temperature in the trailer
  • Documentation of the cold chain
  • Status information of the cooling unit
  • External access options
  • Integration of Schmitz Cargobull and Krone Trailer Telematics

Vehicle identification with RFID

The more trailers, the faster you lose track of which trailer is attached to which tractor. The assignment to the tractor can be solved with our new telematics unit for the tractor, trendbeeTRUCK v4 pro, without any additional telematics unit in the trailer. The trailers are equipped with a favorable RFID tag, complex cabling on the trailer is completely eliminated. A suitable antenna is attached to the tractor and connected to the trendbeeTRUCK v4 pro. When loading and unloading the semitrailer, the RFID tag is recognized and you always know which trailer is connected to a tractor.

Semitrailer telematics for locating, EBS and cooling data

With the telematics unit trendbeeTRAILER specially developed for semitrailers, you always know the current location and status of your trailers regardless of the unit being towed. In the online portal, you can view detailed graphical evaluations of the temperature profiles, trace the driven route at any time and have all important trailer data in view. If the trailer provides information on the mileage, the axle load, the tire pressure, door sensors and wear information via the EBS bus, this information is additionally displayed.

Documentation of the cold chain

roadloxTRAILER offers additional safety especially for refrigerated food transports and other temperature-sensitive goods. You can constantly monitor the temperature in the trailer and the status of the cooling unit. If you exceed or exceed the limits you set, you will be immediately alerted. This gives you direct proof of the closed cooling chain for documentation against your customers.