With wireless sensors for temperatur and door opening

Kühltransport Gps-Ortung, Trendfire Telematik

Whether it be just-in-time delivery or temperature-controlled transports, you can use the data from your trailers for efficient planning and well-founded decision-making. Offer your customers extra added value and optimise your fleet costs.


Keep track of all your trailers

Thanks to the reliable GPS positioning, you always know exactly where your trailer is at the moment and when it will arrive at its destination In order to inform your clients about their delivery you can temporarily share a vehicle’s position.

In order to inform your clients about their delivery you can temporarily share a vehicle’s position.

Temperatur- and Doorsensors

To document the cooling chain, a trailer can be equipped with several wireless sensors to monitor different temperature zones. If the set temperature limits are exceeded or not reached, you will be automatically notified by the telematics system. Door openings are recognised with a magnetic door contact sensor. This allows you to see when, where and how long the doors of your trailer have been opened.

Cooling units connected perfectly

  • Remote monitoring of the cooling unit
  • Information about cooling or defrosting
  • Fuel tank level of the cooling machine
  • Operating hours and standby time

Safe, reliable transport operations

Based on the trailer EBS-data, you always know in what condition your trailers are.

Worn brakes, vehicle fault codes or tyres with low air pressure can be recognised early and you can react in good time. Increase the reliability of your fleet through reduced downtimes and fewer breakdowns.

Quick and easy upgrade

The trailer telematics is characterised by reliable and proven technology in a compact design as well as minimal installation effort. With plug & play cable sets they are connected either to the EBS-module or to the temperature recorder. The sensors only have to be mounted in the trailer and then transmit the data to the telematics unit.

Trailer assignment

The mapping of a trailer to a truck can be solved completely without an additional telematics unit in the trailer. The trailers are equipped with an RFID tag for this purpose. A suitable antenna is mounted on the truck and connected to the telematics unit in the truck. The RFID tag is recognized and matched to the truck when the trailer is coupled and uncoupled.

Integrate trailers of different manufacturers

Do you have trailers from different manufacturers in your fleet and want to keep an eye on them all?
No problem. With our telematics solution you manage all trailers in a single web portal.
Upgrade your trailers without existing telematics in the shortest possible time with the Trendfire trailer-telematics-unit and wireless sensors. Trailers with a telematics system from Krone or Schmitz Cargobull, for example, can be easily integrated into the roadlox web portal via interfaces.

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