About us

The Trendfire Team

Our team members are passionate about the positive impact that our work can have on our customers, our partners, their industries, and society in general. Each individual, whether in Engineering, Marketing, Sales, Customer Support, or executive management is committed to his or her role in this enterprise. The team has extensive, industry-recognized experience, and a history of notable successes across many industries.


The Trendfire Mission

To drive business success for our customers and partners and major improvements in the industries in which they function through invention and innovation in the collection, analysis, communication, presentation and application of information.


Trendfire History

Trendfire Technologies Inc. was founded based upon the belief that the principles that brought about the success of its forbearer, Trendfire Technologies GmbH, would be equally effective for a telematics company in the United States. Simply stated, these principles are

  • Ensuring customer satisfaction based upon reliable, well engineered, fairly priced products that address key customer needs with innovative solutions and support
  • Informing both strategy and product design and enhancement through customer involvement
  • Maintaining successful partnerships built upon mutual trust, respect, and positive outcomes
  • Understanding the balance between short-term return and long term success, and the forces that lead to each
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