Trendfire Telematikeinheiten für Auflieger mit Funksensoren

What we do

Success simplified.

Ensuring your success requires technology solutions that go beyond the basics. At Trendfire we have added ELD features, introduced access to operational data for pumps and mixers, provided flexible forms that are easily integrated into your workflow process, and much more. The result? We give you proactive, problem eliminating information when you need it, where you need it. Trendfire gives you the ability to quickly react to and solve the unavoidable problems while stopping the avoidable ones from even occurring. This proactive elimination of problems through our technology results in avoiding wasted time, resources and energy. The basics are for business as usual. Going beyond the basics improves operations, profits, and your ability to compete. Going beyond the basics is the key to success, simplified.

Everything your team needs when and where they need it. Your data, consistent, comprehensive, and all in one place.

Trendfire Telematikeinheiten für Auflieger mit Funksensoren

Trendfire Telematics Family

Trendfire Telematik Telematikeinheit für Zugmaschinen, LKW, Motorwagen

Trendfire Truck Telematics Unit

Trendfire Equipment Sensor System

Automation for the Win - let technology do the heavy lifting

Increase Efficiency & Production

Automation allows more to be done in less time by supporting all facets of the team – dispatch, drivers/operators, maintenance, management and back office.

Reduce Waste

Waste isn’t just want lands in the can under a desk. Trendfire automation reduces wasted time, wasted energy along with the physical garbage (printer, ink, broken vehicle components, etc.)

Reduce Workload

When your team spends less time on the automated work they have more time to focus on safety, growth, sales, successful operations, and innovation.

Increase Awareness

Having situational awareness at the click of a button or tap of a screen means you have simplified fleet management, job management and safety and compliance monitoring.

Innovative Tools

DVIRs, checklists, ELD+, compliance reports, concrete temperature sensing, pump-mixer pairing, mixer monitoring, pump operations data, project and driver tracking, and so much more!