Monitoring for concrete mixer and concrete pumps

Using Technology to Solve Common Problems in the Pumping Industry

Monitor the transport route of your truck mixers, the pumping process of the concrete pump with Trendfire Telematics. Avoid cold joints, poor quality, too hot concrete and delays in the pumping process.
Monitor all relevant data of the truck mixer, the concrete pump and the delivered concrete.

Make your customers happy and satisfied by delivering best performance.


fast and clear communication

Fast and clear communication between dispatcher and operator is an important requirement for the seamless running of transport orders. The “Trendfire Trucking” telematics app is the perfect tool for this. The app is your direct line to the driver. Messages, addresses, orders, pictures and freight documents can be exchanged easily.

The advantages for concrete companies are obvious: All status information along the transport and pumping prozess is always clearly visible, communication remains traceable, miscommunication is avoided and processes can be accelerated.

smooth transportation

With optimal fleet management, you save resources and your fleet can be used more efficiently.

A good telematics system can help you to track the exact movements of your fleet at any time. Not only vehicle location but also driving times (ELD), driving style, tour progress and arrival times are useful information that can help your operations run more smoothly and efficiently.

Thanks to GPS and geofencing, you can always keep an eye on your concrete mixer and pumps. From loading to arrival at the construction site. You always know where your vehicles are at the moment.

lkw-telematik spedition

deliver just in time

All processes on the construction site are recorded in detail so that you can prove at any time how much time has passed since the mixing of the concrete until the processing. The arrival of the mixer at the construction site is automatically detected by geofencing. RFID technology is used to register the arrival of the concrete mixer at the pump. Pumping operations are also recorded accurately.

At the end, you get a precise evaluation of the pumped quantity, idle times and waiting times of your concrete mixers and so on.

deliver the best quality

  • Avoid cold joints due to breaks caused by fuel shortage thanks to constant fuel level monitoring.
  • No surprising delays due to engine regeneration thanks to permanent monitoring of all vehicle data
  • No more problems with hot concrete thanks to permanent concrete temperature control

The proactive monitoring and alerts on the smartphone and in the backoffice help to react quickly and to avoid downtime and delays.

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