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Applying leading edge technology to solve real issues within the concrete industry has been a key objective of Trendfire for years.  We recognize the real value that innovation brings to our customers and partners, both in the form of immediate improvements to their bottom lines and the longer term benefits that come with sustained competitiveness.    Our solutions offer real, ongoing improvements in productivity, efficiency, and risk reduction.    Our innovation process engages our customers and partners in the development of technology that solves their immediate problems while helping shape the inventions that will be critical for the industry as a whole.

From Ready Mix to Pumping to Materials Hauling – Trendfire offers the solutions you need to increase revenue, decrease costs, and stay ahead in the game.

We cover the basics …

  • Route Planning and Navigation
  • GPS Location Monitoring
  • Geofencing
  • Arrival Time Specification and Monitoring
  • Driver Messaging
  • App-Based Forms and Documents
  • ELD
  • Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting
  • Data Collection and Analysis across vehicle manufacturers, makes and models
  • Standard Reports, including Safety and Compliance, Fuel Usage, and Expenses
  • Fleet Management
  • Dispatch System Integration

… and we go beyond

  • ELD+:  includes details for time tracking, as well as proactive service hour warnings for drivers, operators,: and dispatchers
  • DVIR, with a full cycle workflow process that links to maintenance
  • A flexible Triggers & Alerts capability that lets you catch and resolve problems before they become costly, as well as proactively avoid potential problems before they occur
  • Data Export of your information for company-specific analysis
  • Consistent Driver Evaluation and Rating capability, regardless of route
  • Flexible Forms Package for creating company-specific, app-based forms

But that’s just the start.  We’ve also provide advanced features specific to success for Pumping and Ready Mix!

Success … simplified

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Trendfire has years of experience innovating and creating solutions that provide real operational advantages for the pumping industry . By creating tools that improve productivity and efficiency, lower risk, and avoid problems, we contribute directly to improving your bottom line.  Your success, simplified.

Some of our features for pumping:

  • Consistent, Comprehensive Data Collection & Analysis across vehicle and pump
  • Pump / Mixer Pairing
  • Mixer Monitoring
  • Pump Operation Data including:
    • Volume Pumped

    • Strokes/minute

    • Efficiency

    • Engine Speed

    • Oil Temperature

    • Hydraulic Pressure

    • Engine Speed (PTO)

    • Concrete Temperature

    • Error Codes

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Trendfire Telematik für Betonpumpen und Fahrmischer

Ready Mix

Ready Mix companies play a central role within the concrete industry. Recognizing the interdependencies that exist between the other players in the concrete industry and the Ready Mix providers, Trendfire puts significant emphasis on developing features that improve productivity and efficiency, lower risk, and avoid problems. This not only improves your bottom line, it contributes to success for the entire industry. Your success, simplified.

Some of our mixer-specific features:

  • Pump / Mixer Pairing
  • Mixer Monitoring
  • Consistent, Comprehensive Data Collection & Analysis
  • Vehicle Operation Data
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Trendfire Solutions Working Together

Start to Finish – Success Simplified

All of the tools offered by Trendfire are designed  to support integration across companies that work together. Our technology allows companies to stand alone, or to cooperate in data exchange with their partners (Material Hauling, Ready Mix, Pumping and Construction).

The goal:  To arm each of our customers and partners with the advanced technology they need to determine their best path to success. 

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