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Fleet performance monitoring

Freight Hauling Trailer Telematics that Exceed Expectations

Not only can we help you keep track of your trailers, we can help you remotely monitor security and temperature through door and temperature sensors (including zone-specific temperature monitoring that incorporates multi-level triggers and alerts).  Additionally we provide remote monitoring of the cooling unit including fuel levels, real-time information on cooling and defrosting, and operating hours and standby times. 

The Trendfire Toolkit

We offer the freight hauling community a comprehensive set of tools that allow you to improve profit.

We’ve got the basics…:

  • Route Planning and Navigation
  • GPS Location Monitoring
  • Geofencing
  • Arrival Time Specification and Monitoring
  • Driver Messaging
  • App-Based Forms and Documents
  • ELD
  • Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting
  • Data Collection and Analysis across vehicle manufacturers, makes and models
  • Standard Reports including: Safety and Compliance, Fuel Usage, and Expenses
  • Fleet Management
  • Dispatch System Integration

…and we’ve got much more:

  • ELD+ including time tracking details and proactive service hour warnings for drivers and dispatchers
  • DVIR+ including a full cycle workflow process that links to maintenance
  • Enhanced Triggers and Alerts across all data and users
  • Data Export for company-specific analyses
  • Consistent Driver Evaluation and Rating, regardless of route
  • Flexible Forms Package for creating company-specific, app-based forms
  • Truck / Trailer Pairing
  • Equipment / Trailer Pairing

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