– Location monitoring and trailer data

The trailer positioning system roadloxTRAILER is based on our proprietary robust hardware telematics unit trendbeeTrailer. It allows you to reliably receive all data from your trailers, independent of the truck. With it, your fleet management is complete.

Well-informed at all times, wherever you are

roadloxTRAILER displays the current location of your trailers independent of the tractor unit, thus enabling you to locate them precisely via GPS and track them on maps or satellite images.
Our telematics unit trendbeeTrailer transmits the relevant EBS vehicle data of various providers:
  • Brake information
  • Tire pressure
  • Door sensors
  • Refrigeration units
The Trendfire telematics back office solution roadlox provides continuous documentation of your cargo's cold chain, and shows all information in a precise vehicle overview.