Small and sturdy GPS positioning

for light vehicles, trailer, passenger cars or others

Small, low-key, sturdy, economic and easy to mount – the characteristics that fit the new telematics unit trendbeeBASIC. Wherever you need reliable positioning, this small telematics unit is deployed: locating trucks, vans, cars, trailers or special vehicles. For example, locate vehicles of your fleet to assign orders directly or utilize trendbeeBASIC inconspicuously to protect special vehicles against theft.

Vehicle positioning – economic, sturdy, small and low-key

The new telematics unit offers tested Trendfire technology in a tiny space (3,54“x3,54“x0,98“) and was of course developed in Boeblingen, Germany. Because of internal antennas you can deploy trendbeeBASIC quickly and inconspicuously. The fitting merely requires a 12V or 24V power supply. The sturdy case (IP 68) protects from water and dust. It is therefore perfectly suited for opperation under tought conditions and serves as a hidden protection against theft as it is fitted to the undercarriage of the vehicle.

Vehicle positioning– perfectly integrated

The position of all vehicles regardless of the make can be monitored online via roadloxWEB on an overview map. Organize and manage access to the vehicles of your fleet with vehicle groups. The positioning data is reliably transferred to the server. During periods without cellular net access the system stores the captured data and transfers them once the connection to the server is re-established. Remote maintenance, frequent software up-dates and its own operating system are available and maintain reliable operation of the new compact positioning solution.